Why is it hard to learn about learning (a brief history of indoor lighting)

This keynote was delivered at our Bett Show 2019 fringe event, Learning by Making, by Dr William Rankin PhD, Director of Learning & Research at pi-top

In this talk, Dr William Rankin, pi-top’s Director of Learning and Research, shares a brief history of indoor lighting and how that connects to the future of education.

Dr Rankin also shares the findings of the research book Education, Learning, and knowledge – an overview of theories and research about constructionism and making, which demonstrates why making things based on what you’ve learned is so important, and how it changes learning for children.

Learning is an organic process, which means it follows this kind of spiral pattern. We think about things, and try things, and play with things, and share things, and then try a little bit more. And that learning spiral, is not flat, it’s something that gets bigger, and bigger.

This video was recorded at pi-top’s Learning by Making fringe event at Bett Show 2019. Check out previous talks here, here, and here.

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