Another 15 cool projects you can make with your pi-top

In our first '15 cool projects you can make with your pi-top' blog post, we gave you a list of some of our favourite pi-top projects. However, after starting to put together the list, we realised that we like way more than 15, so here's part two!

1. Traffic lights

2. Smart mirror

3. Record brain waves

4. Automate your tweets

Raspberry Pi Twitter bot project by Ben Nuttall.


5. Quick reaction game


6. Launch a rocket

7. Make a piano

8. Star Trek-inspired lights

9. Code your own James Bond song

10. Selfie camera

11. Draw a picture

12. Build a Space race game

13. Get started with a Sense HAT

14. Install an ASUS tinkerboard

15. Code a biometric lock

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