Demo Series: Dual Displays

The Raspberry Pi 4, at the heart of every pi-top [4], has two micro HDMI outputs available to be used simultaneously to drive two screens in glorious 4K resolution.

pi-top [4] with dual displays

pi-top [4] makes both HDMI outputs available, but to maximise ease of use for single-screen and VNC users, you'll need two types of cable to use two screens at the same time. The only difference from the Raspberry Pi 4 is that one the outputs on the pi-top [4] is micro HDMI and the other is a pi-top Display Cable interface, so you can plug in the pi-top Display Cable. 

The pi-top Display Cable allows you to connect to various things. If you use it on its own, you can plug it into a pi-top FHD Touch Display or if you prefer, you can attach the HDMI adapter and it will work with any normal HDMI screen. 

To connect your pi-top [4] to a second screen, you'll need to use an HDMI cable, just as you would with a Raspberry Pi 4.

Demo Series- Dual Displays.2020-10-16 11_20_50

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