PiWars 2018 – Frankentop Mechanical Build pt.3

This post is a super quick update on the new design direction our robot chassis has taken. Basically earlier the week, it was decided for the robot chassis to be 3D printed to demonstrate the capabilities of the super new cool FormLabs Form 2Stereolithography machine the UK pi-top team purchased. Form 2 Description pi-top’s London office […]

PiWars 2018 – Frankentop Mechanical Build pt.1

Early on in the process, pi-top’s Mechanical Design Engineer, Chris started making plans for our robot but everything changed in January after a brief discussion with our CTO Ryan, which led to Robo-Top becoming something of a pi-top Frankenstein’s Monster. As I’m not massively technically-minded, Chris is going to take over the blog post from […]

Spooky pi-topHALLOWEEN Tutorial

Give your pi-top or pi-topCEED a haunted feel this Halloween with this spooky jack-o’- lantern tutorial! Before we get started, this is the boo-tiful equipment required to achieve the ghastliest effects: 5x yellow witches boil LEDs 1x blood red LED 6x 100 Ω reVolting resistors 1x pi-topPROTO (or breadboard) A few standard wires 1x acrylic slice (included with your pi-top […]