Why Moonhack is not another meaningless attempt to break a World Record

Last year, the Australian Code Club had 10,207 Australian kids participating in their free coding event, Moonhack. This year they are not holding back and they are turning the 15th of August into a worldwide event so kids (and not-so-kids) from all around the globe can take part and collaborate. The event’s aim is to […]

Spooky pi-topHALLOWEEN Tutorial

Give your pi-top or pi-topCEED a haunted feel this Halloween with this spooky jack-o’- lantern tutorial! Before we get started, this is the boo-tiful equipment required to achieve the ghastliest effects: 5x yellow witches boil LEDs 1x blood red LED 6x 100 Ω reVolting resistors 1x pi-topPROTO (or breadboard) A few standard wires 1x acrylic slice (included with your pi-top […]