pi-top's friends and family day

Since we built our maker space at our London office we've been thinking about ways to utilise the space more effectively, and get more people involved. So during the recent Autumn half-term break, we decided to organise a friends and family making day. After all, who better to test out our products than the ultimate users, kids! We invited pi-top employees to bring along their loved ones for a fun day filled with LEGO, code, 3D-printing, not to mention glitter. The aim was to make some Halloween-themed cuts outs, animations, and creations. In other words, lots of making!

DSC_0819Image from iOS (8)


We set up different workshop areas: the maker space with the 3D printer and laser cutter, a table with some pi-tops, some LEGO Wedo and Mindstorms, and another chill-out table with just glitter and glue. That way, the kids could easily hop on to the next one if they wanted to explore something else.





Both the parents and the kids had a great time getting hands-on. We even got this heart-melting thank you letter from one of our guests!

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Why you should organise a friends and Family day

If you have a maker space, having a friends and family day is a great way to get the wider community to see, use and support your efforts. It also builds bridges and relationships with businesses and groups in your community. And if you're thinking of setting up a maker space, have a look at our top five common mistakes that schools and groups make, so you can ensure yours is a space for all.