Press play on our new podcast!

We're delighted to launch We Make The Future, our new collection of audio interviews that will explore the future of education, making, and technology.


The technology now extends out capabilities to return the reasons for making into the learning experience

In the first episode, host Andrew Webb interviews Dr. William Rankin about the idea of change; both in the classroom as well as in wider society.

I would be lost without my mobile in everyday life, but when I get to school I'm just supposed to put it away and never turn in on

We also look at the role technology plays in school, particularly the use of mobile devices for learning.

What's interesting is that isn't a revolution into something brand new, it's a return to older things

Finally, the debate moves on to examine the history of making, jobs and skills, and how technology now augments the cottage industry to become global.

Stay tuned for the next episode where we explore maker spaces.