A new research paper by pi-top’s Dr William Rankin

Hot off the press, and perfectly timed for ISTE2018, comes a new report by Lorraine Charles and Founder of Unfold Learning and former Director of Learning & Research at pi-top, Dr William Rankin.

'Education, knowledge and learning  –  an overview of theories and research about constructionism and making' is designed for teachers, administrators and school leaders, and is a fully academically researched paper exploring constructionism and Learning by Making.

“People think this is new stuff, but it turns out that educators have been talking about this for years” says Dr Rankin. “In the last 30 years, there’s been lots of research supporting learning by making, constructionism and collaboration”.

Dr Rankin wanted to give people the tools to help understand these learning methodologies and to help educators make an informed, detailed and well-researched case when thinking about implementing them in their schools.

Inside the report

The report explores a number of themes, starting with a full review of existing literature, before moving onto where constructionism learning comes from. It then explains problem-based learning, project-based learning, and crucially, maker-based learning. The report concludes with a look at technology in education, what do you do with it and what does it look like.

“It’s like a mini-course on the subject” says Dr Rankin, adding “it offers current and recent research into social constructionism. In short, we've done all the work for you.”

You can download the paper (PDF 5mb) for free here, pi-top Research Resources.